Monday, July 9, 2012

After few years of research and we had gather a few experts of 4d to make it a full time as a team to predict. A team that consist of 7 peoples. We are going full time as we are aiming a 5 figure income per month as we have a 5 figure income per month as we going as passion then we had quit and made our decission that offered by founder 4dbetboy as his nick. We are offering 2 package: Normal member share each lot : RM 300 ( non capital guaranteed ) offering 1000 shares  VVIP member share each lot: RM 3000 ( capital guaranteed ) 300 offering 300 lot shares First come first serve basis. People tend to ask why since it is so good that why need to share to the public? is this a real thing that 4d can able to predicted?  Let's make it simple. If everyone chip in a little money as we are not gambling but we are looking to predict treat a 4d like an investment rather than punt it. with all the capital that contributed the winning is shared and the risk is spread off. So eventually the risk ratio of winning and making profit is a very high chance. Of course we have a way of strategy to cope with the winning.  Capital of RM3k of VVIP shares buyer will be protected. average of 10%-20%per month we projected. 50%/50%basis all winnning will be shared between our group and shares subscribers. We will only punt in black market. which we believe that too much of money that actually buy in the genuine outlets the numbers will be not able to come out.  Example: We are looking for targetting on 1st prize only. we will play on 2D and 4D. Payback ratio: RM 1 : RM 6500 (average) some till RM7000 for 1st prize. If it opened at 2nd prize we do not strike but based on the strategy we are confident that we can able to achieve what we projected. Why we need much capital? As it is spare for us to double up or we call it parlay.We will seperate our number with diff agent and bookies. RM1000 per set of 2d number will pay back RM 70,000 if we choose 10 set of numbers that will be RM 10,000. Strike RM 70,000-RM 10,000 =RM 60,000 RM 60,000 will be divided 50% / 50% RM 30,000 x 8 draws=RM 240,000  Interested parties please do not hesitate to call 010 599 0001

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot pick from me

Everyone wish to be rich and prosper especially during economy crisis!
A token of advise but always remember one thing ! 4D is a profitable business! they never loss!However a set of 4D of 1st,2nd,3rd still need to come out as result.

If you are looking for something solid,such as financial freedom course im willing to coach! For a fee of RM 12,000 ( Forex trading ) If you are serious! We will pay you after 6 months of training provided if you are the one! We will hire you for a salary of RM5k-12k per month it depends.

I can reveal the secret of how 4D actually works too!! For 4D i will coach through internet such as msn or skype. That is only RM 800! For first 100 registrants. Action now.

Here is my prediction:
9146,7627,3179,5038 @ PMP / KUDA

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today hot tips from numberspilot

PMP@KUDA: 5379,5503,3179

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congrats for follower that who strike 8662 at Starter

Congrats for those who follow admin tips today. :)
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tips for Special Draw

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Join us for tips update. RM23 per month? Expensive ? Nah that is just for 2 cups of starbucks. We don't profit from there instead using the fee to support our hosting & domain fee.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tips by Master Mikaya Had been posted

Dear all registered members, sorry for delayed and inconveniences caused yesterday. However todays tips by master mikaya had been updated.

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